Banner TU/e

On the site of the Technical University of Eindhoven, 3 new banners are placed. Because of their more permanent function the client wanted a more appealing design and not a temporary-looking standard steel frame.

Several designs were made and architecturally, structurally and financially compared. In the end the design of Ralph Brodruck, of the TU/e was chosen. A PVC membrane is stretched in the four corner points. There are two steel masts placed at an angle, each stressing a top corner of the membrane. The two lower corners are stresses directly to the ground. Because the 2 top connections on the masts are not in line with the two lower connections, the membrane is stabilized in an anticlastic shape.

The membrane had to be able to show a rectangular image of minimum w x h = 2700x3900mm and be located about 2700mm above ground level. For this the minimum needed length of the masts was ca. 8 meters. They are encasted at the foot on a concrete foundation which ensures the overall stability and balanced the prestress force.
The three banners are constructed end of September 2011.


Structural design and engineering from design to execution phase


3 banners
Height: 8m




Client: Dienst Huisvesting TU/e
Architect: Ralph Brodruck
Structure: SIDstudio
Contractor: D-sign Reclame