SIDstudio offers a range of structural services, starting from the first design idea to completion on site. We are fascinated by form active geometries, structural optimisation and prefabricated biobased modular structures – all related to minimize the ecological footprint. We design and improve the structural performance in ways that meet clients’ goals. We see collaboration as the key to success because we understand that only the best structural design is not enough for the client.

Structural Design

We see ourselves as creative engineers. We enjoy working close with architects and artist to find the structural design that strengthens their view in aesthetics and functionality. We look outside the boundaries towards a multidisciplinary optimum. Innovation and exploring further than the standard solutions is always part of the process. During this process we often start with hand sketches to communicate in a short time period different structural concepts, materialisations and building techniques. After that 3D modelling and form-finding will give us the tools for geometrical studies to optimise the flow of forces and create the most feasible and logical structural concept for the project.

Structural Engineering and Optimisation

Validation if the design is feasibility is a constant process, but evolves into a more detailed level related to building codes. During the engineering phase calculations will be made which will connect the demands of geometry, materials and loading and verify the capacities in strength and stiffness. These models gives us the insight for possible further optimisation. Non-linear finite element analysis are applied to study the sensitivity of the structure and its dynamic behaviour. In multiple projects we based the structural analysis on parametric modelling to find multiple optimums for different situations. By working closely with clients the best options are chosen.

Large Roof Spans

SIDstudio has developed a reputation in the field of large span roof structures. These lightweight structures ask for the highest integration between architecture and structure. SIDstudio leaves no opportunity unused to develop a one of a kind structural roof design, fully related to the aesthetics of its surrounding and its use.

A strong collaboration between Team V Architecture and SIDstudio resulted in the 1400m2 ETFE tensegrity roof of the “House of Province” who won in 2018 the BNA Best Building of the Year and National Steel Award. At the moment the 4400m2 glass dome of EDGE Amsterdam West is under construction. SIDstudio made the design together with Architecten Cie.

After the design concept, the full engineering of a roof is done by SIDstudio. This way there is no interruption in the process and our structural knowledge will avoid incorrect or unnecessary design changes proposed by third parties during construction. SIDstudio is also present on site to inform and advice the client and contractor on the status on site.


We make use of 3D building modelling to design and test structural solutions virtually. The fitting of each design element in a complex geometry is tested and communicated with the design team, but also with the people on the work floor during production and on site. This way we can optimise structural efficiency, cost and reduce the building time significantly.

Modular Building Systems

SIDstudio started in 2015 to be strongly involved in modular building systems made from wood. This because the building industry needs to change to reduce its environmental impact while still answering the large demand for housing. We design prefabricated elements and optimise how all components of a design work together, but also how they can be dismantled.

It’s the reason we work closely with MDLX – a firm that develops, manufactures and constructs wooden modular buildings.

For SIDstudio biobased buildings that can be adapted during their lifespan, made from prefabricated elements that can be reused for its next destination is the way forward.

Research and Development

As SIDstudio strongly believes new developments are needed in the building industry, a solid part of our work is related to research. The Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy is important in our firm.

We are specialised in lightweight structure and parametric optimisation and study geometries and patterns to increase the efficient use of materials and reduce the resources needed. We study and design modular building systems made from biobased materials, to extend the lifespan of building elements and reduce waste production.

We have a strong relationship with Eindhoven Technical University, to do research and laboratory tests.