SIDstudio is a structural design studio that acts at the intersection of architecture and engineering. In an innovative way SIDstudio designs and optimizes structural, spatial and form active geometries with a strong architectural added value and a high level of integration with other disciplines. This to achieve and strengthen the required functionality within the architectural vision and the formulated conditions of the client.

A main objective is to create innovative optimized sustainable designs, limiting the environmental footprint. To achieve this, SIDstudio is specialized in structural form-active shapes often related to lightweight structures: for in stands large span roof structures. Shape and topology optimization reduces the amount of materials needed, limiting the use of resources.

SIDstudio works with different types of materials, always searching for the best structural, architectural and environmental fit. In many projects biobased materials are used limiting the CO2 emission. High interest lies in modular building systems, fully constructed from prefabricated elements, creating buildings that can be adapted during its live span and reused afterwards.

Believing that only by multifunctional integration and a strong and open collaboration with a shared goal, the optimum design can be achieved. For SIDstudio the search towards structural optimization is therefore a process of innovation beyond the non existing boundaries of disciplines from design to demolition phase.

SIDstudio challenges its passion. The passion in Structural Innovative Design, towards overall integrated design optimization.