Breebronne Holiday Park

Breebronne is a beautiful holiday park in Maasbree, Limburg. An extension is planted in which a specific choice has been made for sustainable construction. MDLX has installed a 6 person test house. This is made up of wooden modular prefabricated elements so that on site it is all about assembling the elements. In addition, it is simply a limitation in transport movements as everything is transported compactly.

MDLX works with prefabricated elements to have much more design freedom and involve customers personally in the design. Customers can also easily adjust their home in a later stage – for example, an extra bedroom or workspace. This is in line with the sustainability idea of MDLX.

For further information regarding the purchase of these properties, please contact Breebronne holiday park.


Modular system design, structural engineering.


Breebronne, Maasbree


Client: Breebronne Holiday parc
Design & build: MDLX modular building system