Club de Ville is a membrane structure of Cantina Mobilé B.V. SIDstudio verified the design and made the structural calculations. The tent has a floor dimension of 18 by 21 meter and 6,5 meter at its highest point.

The construction takes two days whereas the deconstruction takes only one day.

In cross-sectional view, the structure consists of a middle part of two truss columns that are connected at the top by an arched truss. Gable roofs have been placed on either side of the truss and are sloping down from 3.3 to 3 meter. In longitudinal direction, the arched trusses have a center to center distance of 3 meter and are connected at the columns and at the top by bracing beams. The tent stability is provided by the trusses in transverse direction. Stabilizing diagonals in the façade provide stability in longitudinal direction.

SIDstudio created a finite element model in Oasys GSA to verify all structural behavior. Being a temporary structure, wind loads on the structure are determined for all possible locations in The Netherlands. Profiles and detailing have been analyzed and checked to satisfy all safety regulations.


Structural design + engineering


Amsterdam and Nijmegen


Client: Cantina Mobilé BV