The former NDSM crane 13 has now become a high-profile Amsterdam development: The 50 meter high object is an imposing appearance and has been realized in the well known and much-discussed former NDSM shipyard just near de border of the river IJ and the Amsterdam city centre.

At 35-50 metres height 3 beautiful high-end design suites are realized. An international team was responsible for the total design. After the first input by Sponge Architects, the architectural design is further developed by Dirk Postma i.c.w. VDNDP. SIDstudio was responsible for the new structural elements on the old crane. In close collaboration with SDC-verifier – who was the structural engineer of the existing crane structure – an integrated structural design is made. The 3 suites with a side of 5 m, each with an functional area of 35 m2, are structural independed steel cubes with an mezzanine floor. On floor level they are placed on four steel footings which allow intermediate horizontal movements. For the extra weight and the increase in wind loading the existing structure is strengthened in the critical locations. Also a new pile foundation had to be made. The crane keeps slowly spinning in the wind it will reduce the maximum wind load.

At top of the crane, just above the top suite, at 50 metres the Jacuzzi is situated. At this point you will have an amazing view over the city of Amsterdam and the river IJ.

On 15 metres height, the Faralda Television Studio is located. The external volume between the four legs of the footing of the crane is transformed into an indoor studio/office area.

Overall the renovation is made with respect to the existing structure. Architectural and structural old details are preserved and new details are made in the same aesthetic.

On Friday 26 July 2013 the Crane is transported to Friese Franeker to be restaurated. Sunday morning 20 October 2013 the Crane returned to the Dock NDSM. On Friday April 4th 2014 the official opening of the Faralda NDSM Crane hotel Amsterdam took place.


Structural design and engineering from concept to execution


Rooms: 3 cubes with sides of 5m – 35 m2 each.
Meeting space + reception multi-purpose space: ± 55m2
Crane height: ± 50m


NDSM-dock, Amsterdam


Client : Erwin Kornmann Rudi
Architure management : A. M. Dirk Postma
Contractor: Tentij
Drafting : Sponge / VDNDP
Structure new: SIDstudio
Structure old: SDC-verifier
Kraantechniek: Cargotec