Villa schoorl

Villa Schoorl comprised the construction of a detached, two layer, newly constructed villa of more than 400 square meter. Special about the project is that the main shape is a classic shed that comprises various smaller masses in which the more private spaces are situated. The main challenge for SIDstudio was to create an optimal structural design in relation to the limited ceiling height at the first floor, and to consider the existing voids and the special design of the roof plus façade.

The architectural vision of an open design with high degree of freedom in internal organization required an irregular structural pattern.

The foundation is on piles. The sand-lime brick walls are on a concrete ground floor. Where large glass facades have been designed the concrete floor cantilevers supporting the sand-lime brick walls on the first floor. Additional steel columns have been added here to accommodate peak loads.

The first floor is made of in situ concrete because of the architectural desire to create a special slatted formwork pattern. Complex formwork required a two phase concrete pour. The roof is made entirely from timber. Large spans of more than six meter required beam depths of 300mm constructed from laminated timber that is extended throughout the whole roof. In the functional volumes (bedrooms and bathrooms) non prefab sandwich panels are used.


Structural design


Area: 400m2




client : Prive
architect : Prototype
detail support : Bijzonder bouwkundig
structure : SIDstudio
installation : ID energie