Children’s farm De Dierenweide, located on the west side of the Botteskerkpark, fulfils for years a prominent recreational and social function in Osdorp in Amsterdam. It acts as a meeting place for local residents, children play with animals and people with disabilities is provided a useful way of spending their days. The pavilion of the children’s farm needs replacement urgently because it no longer meets the requirements of this time. In the plan of the renovation of the Botteskerkpark it is also decided to renovate De Dierenweide.

The current children’s farm has a number of buildings and animal shelters scattered throughout the area. In the new design the reception pavilion has the main role and consequently is given the most architectural attention. The buildings for the animals will get an architectural reference with the Pavilion. The roof for the shelters will overun the external walls to create an outdoor shedded space. Also the roof of the main building will have a large canopy on one side. The green roof relates to the natural related function.

SIDstudio is involved in this project from the competition phase, where close collaboration with the architect resulted in a high level of architectural and structural integration. Various types of wooden structures are studied and different structural designs are set up. Foundation piles are used in the pavilion but are avoided in the two shelters in order to reduce costs.


Structural design and engineering from the competition phase


3 buildings with a total area of approximately 344 m2 GFA (176 + 82 + 86 m2 GFA).
Program: the reception pavilion contains a multipurpose room, offices, dressing rooms and kiosk, the smaller buildings are for the animals, storage and workshops.
Height: 6,5m


Osdorp, Amsterdam


Client: Gemeente Amsterdam
Stadsdeel Nieuw-West
Architect: Olaf Gipser Architecs
Structure: SIDstudio