For the project the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren (KMMA), Arjan Habraken of SIDstudio works in commission by Arup b.v. as project manager for the structural discipline.

The museum wants to adjust the infrastructure and the environment of the museum to the 21 century. The total project comprises upgrading, restoration and expanding.

In regards of the structural discipline, the project can be divided into four parts; the existing museum building, the new music pavilion placed in the courtyard of the old building, the new entrance pavilion and the underground tunnel connecting the basement of the entrance pavilion with the basement of the old building.

The existing museum building is left intact as much as possible. The largest architectural and structural modifications take place in the existing basement. Partly this basement will be added to the exhibition space.

The new entrance is placed in the new entrance pavilion. Via the underground connection one arrives in the basement of the old building and can enter the music pavilion. The music pavilion is also mostly located at basement level.

All secondary museum functions such as reception and shops will be housed in the new museum building. The temporary exhibition halls and the auditorium will be housed in the new tunnel and can be reached via gallery spaces.


Structural project management in commission by Arup b.v.


Building cost: 49,5Meuro
Build in: 1910
Functions: temporarily and permanent exhibitions spaces, reception, shop, restaurant


Tervuren, Belgium


Client : Regie der Gebouwen
Architect : Stephan Beel Architects
Management: Bureau Bouwtechniek
Structure: Arup
Instalation: RCR