In front of the new headquarters of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in Amsterdam an new polished stainless steel artwork of Gijs Assmann is placed. The tube is not circular but casted giving beautiful unexpected reflexions of its surroundings. The continuous fluid line is 9 meters high and balancing on his toe.

In collaboration with Kamp en Van Gulik a 3D-calculation model was created. Weak points where detected and adjusted in geometry. Most of the length of the sculpture is in the top half of the design, leaving minimum length to stabilize the structure on its foundation. For this the wall thickness is adjusted over the height. A strain energy study is done optimising local wall thicknesses – something that is possible to make because of the casting production method.

De buis zal in delen gemaakt worden, dan op volle sterkte aan elkaar gelast worden en als 1 geheel vervoerd worden naar de definitieve locatie. Er zijn geen boutverbindingen in het kunstwerk m.u.v. de voetplaat verbinding aan de betonnen onderconstructie.

The tube will be made in parts, then welded together at full strength and transported as one whole to its final location. There are no bolt joints in the artwork with the exception at the baseplate to make the connection to the concrete foundation.

On the side of Gijs Assmann beautiful pictures by Friso Keuris can be found of the production.


Structural engineering


Zuidas business district, Amsterdam


Material: high polished stainless steel
Size: 9,07 x 4,50 x 4,20 meter


Artist: Gijs Assmann
Project management: Kamp en Van Gulik
Production: Schmees Art in Pirna (Germany)
Structure: SIDstudio / ahw Ingenieure GmbH


Pictures of the production.