Expo A16 Rotterdam

De Expo A16 Rotterdam tells the story behind the construction of the new (extended) A16 highway. After 5 years the building will be dismantled.

The Expo is built by MDLX b.v., a firm that develops, manufactures and constructs sustainable wooden modular buildings. These are made up entirely of prefabricated elements, creating buildings where the elements can be reused for its next destination. This can be a house, office, school . . .etc..Because the system is modular on element level, endless designs can be made and buildings can adapt during its lifespan. The can increase and decrease in all directions, but also elements can be replaced when new developments with a higher sustainability are integrated.

The used beechwood comes exclusively from sustainably managed forests, actively contributing to climate protection. By prefabrication of elements, waste is reduced and the quality is high. The elements are produced in the factory as large as possible to ensure for quick construction on site, but small enough to prevent transport of air reducing logistic movements.

The foundation is adaptable in time to level settlement differences. This way no piles where needed and the park where it is located will be complete restored leaving no marks of building materials behind.

The Expo A16 Rotterdam is officially opened on 6 March 2020 by Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure and Water Management).


Modular system design, structural engineering, site management


Eekhoornplaats, Bergschenhoek


Main contractor: Rijkswaterstaat / De Groene Boog
Design & build: MDLX modular building system
Architect: Quist Wintermans Architekten
Design exhibition: Kossmann De Jong
Structural design + engineering: SIDstudio
Installation: GUTS Installatietechniek