Thonik is located in the Wibautstraat in Amsterdam and stands out through the vertical and horizontal zebra lines plus a zigzag staircase in front of the façade.

The building seems large from the front by its 14 meters width and 23 meters height. However, the building is only 7 to 8 meters deep. Because it was placed directly next to the existing building and the foundation had to have an offset, the foundation was the biggest structural challenge. Also because of the existing ground pipes, one thick concrete slab with local recesses was finally chosen.

The main structure is of prefabricated concrete to make the construction time as short as possible and to limit the inconvenience of passengers on the Wibautstraat as much as possible.

Catering will be on the lower 2 floors and above there are offices including the graphic design agency Thonik itself.
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structural engineering


Wibautstraat, Amsterdam


Main contractor: Bouwbedrijf Van Schaik Breukelen B.V.
Architect: MMX Architecten + Thomas Widdershoven
Structural: SIDstudio


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