Partner event at Pampus

On Wednesday 13 September, the annual partner event took place at Pampus. In it we were able to speak to the partners involved and look at the status of the various construction projects in which SIDstudio is involved on the island (entrance building, energy cellar, shed, sandbank and light weight roof structure).
The director Tom van Nouhuys received all partners on the west terrace, to emphasize once again how unique and innovative the program is that we are currently realizing. And not only Tom, but also Minister Rob Jetten complimented the company on the developments in a catchy video message.
Then we all walked across the island, from the shed building, to the vegetable gardens to the heart of the new technical space, where in a few months sustainable energy from the sun, wind and bio-fermentation will be collected and managed.
Of course, the afternoon ended with a delicious sustainable meal from our own vegetable garden.