Partner event at Pampus

On Wednesday 13 September, the annual partner event took place at Pampus. In it we were able to speak to the partners involved and look at the status of the various construction projects in which SIDstudio is involved on the island (entrance building, energy cellar, shed, sandbank and light weight roof structure).
The director Tom van Nouhuys received all partners on the west terrace, to emphasize once again how unique and innovative the program is that we are currently realizing. And not only Tom, but also Minister Rob Jetten complimented the company on the developments in a catchy video message.
Then we all walked across the island, from the shed building, to the vegetable gardens to the heart of the new technical space, where in a few months sustainable energy from the sun, wind and bio-fermentation will be collected and managed.
Of course, the afternoon ended with a delicious sustainable meal from our own vegetable garden.

Arjan Habraken presents on the Taste the Future

During the company day “TASTE THE FUTURE“ on MAAK Haarlem, Arjan Habraken presents the company SIDstudio (as founder), the company MDLX (as partner) and the Tue (as assistant professor).
He talks about the vision and activities of SIDstudio in the field of sustainable structural design in construction.

SIDstudio will move to MAAK in Haarlem

From 1 October SIDstudio will be one of the companies in Maak Haarlem. We know this is our place to be. Without any exception all companies are inspiring and contributing to new innovative developments.

MAAK Haarlem houses companies working in the innovative and circular manufacturing industry. You will find a mix of companies that use, supply or facilitate the latest digital or circular manufacturing techniques. Within MAAK, cross-pollination between the companies plays an important role. In addition, the companies on MAAK have specialist knowledge, a large machine park and they supply ready-made end products for entrepreneurs throughout the region. MAAK Haarlem is more than a multi-company location: it plays an active role in the housing, collaborations, visibility and further development of the established companies.

Thom Bindels starts internship

Until January 2023 Thom Bindels will be part of our team as an intern. As a student at the Eindhoven Technical University he showed his passion for structural design, parametric modeling and sustainability. Not a different decision to welcome him. .
We are looking forward him to strengthen our team.

Vincent Staat starts internship

Vincent will start as an intern for the next 6 months. He will work on modeling details of the elevated light rail system in South Korea and parametric designs for BRNO train station.
We will also start with him to setup the digital flow for our modular timber buildings.
Great to have him on board.

EDGE Amsterdam West delivered.

EDGE Amsterdam West of 60,000 sqm has just been delivered. A workplace where life and wellbeing come first. A workplace where tenants can get inspired and reach their highest level of productivity.

SIDstudio was designer and main engineer of the roof structure.

– de Architekten Cie
– G&S Bouw b.v.
– Oostingh Staalbouw BV
– Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs BV
– SIDstudio
– Kingspan Light + Air