Maand: oktober 2023

C the Future at the MAAK site in Haarlem

Today was the first day of C the Future at the MAAK site in Haarlem – where SIDstudio is located.
C The Future is the two-day event where technology, digitization, circularity, learning and innovation come together.

Arjan Habraken of SIDstudio gave a lecture on Circular Building. What challenges do we face, what developments are there and how is SIDstudio in collaboration with MDLX working on the latest developments in bio-based modular buildings? An extremely interesting lecture that eventually resulted in a fascinating conversation between all those present.

SIDstudio thanks the organization for this annual extremely educational event.

Yearly AFFR event by ZJA

ZJA brought many colleagues and friends together again at AFFS in Rotterdam. SIDstudio is always there with great pleasure.

In the cinema we first listened to a presentation by Arav Kumar, architect at ZJA. He talked about the architecture of virtual spaces. Where do we go with the mutual communication and the world of imaginations.

Then, the always inspiring, Jord den Hollander invited us on a wonderful journey through film fragments, in which connections arise between the most diverse spatial designs.

Afterwards, with the presence of Rem Koolhaas, a film of one of his special designs was shown, followed by a conversation between Rem Koolhaas and Jord den Hollander.

Thank you ZJA for this inspiring evening. We are always happy to be invited.

Opening Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Expo 2023, Doha, Qatar

On 2 October the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened her doors at Expo 2023 in Doha Qatar. The pavilions architectural articulation forms an embrace of a landscape filled with innovations and green initiatives, while the main immersive show forms a beautiful and emotional expression of those stories.

5500M2 exhibition plot area
3.5Km of Façade LED verticals
165m2 360º immersive show

Expo Pavilion Group
EPG Lead creative, architecture, content
UOOU studio Architectural and interior design
Nana Boitran Project director
BIM projects Architectural drafting
SIDstudio Engineering