It has been announced that Arjan Habraken of SIDstudio together with Dirk Rinze Visser of Buro Happold have been nominated for structural engineer of the year 2020. This is organised by VNconstructeurs.
On October 29, the winner will be announced by Noortje de Geus of The Hague Engineering Firm.

On that day also will be announced whether Marijn Bruurs (Witteveen+Bos) or Ferdinand van den Brink (Ballast Nedam) will win the prize for Talent of the year.


MDLX has built a first test house on Breebronne holiday park in Maasbree. It is a durable modular wood construction system that can be quickly mounted on the construction by means of prefabricated elements. The MDLX structure can always be enlarged or reduced. It can also be disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere – possibly in a different configuration. SIDstudio developed the structural modular system.
Good to see there’s so much interest. Breebronne is a great location to build this.


On Saturday 11th of July we had a great tour in Amsterdam visiting multiple projects of Arjan Habraken: FOAM, Thonik Wibout, Felix Meritis, Stedelijk Museum, Amstel C1, Faralda Crane Hotel, Rai Office Tower, Pendulum Art. Ending the day at Italian king of pasta “Renzo’s Delicatessen”.
Great and inspiring day.


Last week Oostingh Staalbouw started to build the steel frame work of the 70m dome structure at Basisweg 10 in Amsterdam.
During the different building phases Fund Maatvoering b.v. will measure the locations of nodes. SIDstudio will analyse the coordinates and advise on actions to take to control the geometry of the dome during construction.

Bicycle and pedestrian bridge in sittard-geleen to its final location

A new bicycle and pedestrian bridge in Sittard was completely lifted into place in the night of September 24, 2016.
The bridge evolved from the wish of the municipality of Sittard that wanted a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the train track at the location of ‘Bedrijvenstad Fortuna’. The bridge architect is Zwarts & Jansma Architects. SIDstudio created the sketch and preliminary structural design.

LIBRIJE wins ‘Best Restyling’ award

Three-star restaurant De Librije in Zwolle has received the Best Restyling award.

According to Thérèse Boer:

“It has been a big step for us to move to another building after 23 years and to renew the interior but the guests love it and logistics have improved enormously. The restaurant and kitchen now function as a whole. There is much more experience, emotion and oxygen.”

VILLA SCHOORL completed and published in the Volkskrant

Today, the Volkskrant published a special article about the recently completed project Villa Schoorl. The architect, Studio Prototype, is being praised for extreme precision and attention to detail.

Villa Schoorl is a modern interpretation of a barn type farmhouse situated in a surreal dune landscape. Different functional volumes are sculpturally connected by a timber roof construction. The use of large glass facades at the open veranda creates openness and strengthens the villa’s relationship with its beautiful natural environment.
The front façade is made from rolled steel that has been treated against rust with a special coating developed by Dunia Coatings together with Studio Prototype. This transparent coating allows to show the mill scale of the steel creating unique aesthetics.